You are trying to convince your parents to buy you a cell phone. They said before they will buy you one, you have to pick out the best plan and explain why you chose that plan. There are 2 different plans to choose from. Make a slide presentaion to show your parents how prepared you are to get a phone. Start with a title slide. Explain in detail which plan you should get and why. And finally include a graph showing how many teens of different ages now have cell phones. Use this site to find data for your graph:

Use excel to make your graph and copy it to your presentation.

*Choose a plan assuming you will send 1000 texts each month and spend 300 mins. talking on the phone. You must keep the same plan for 2 years.

Plan 1:

Phone cost: $20.00

Texts: $5.00 for every 100 texts

Phone calls: $0.05 per min.

Plan 2:

Phone cost: $50.00

Texts: Unlimited $20

Phone Calls: $35.00 plan allows 1000 mins.