Mr. and Mrs. Tate are redoing the floors of their house. They would like to put ceramic tile on their kitchen and living room floors and carpet in bedrooms 1, 2, and 3. Two different companies have quoted them prices. Which company should they use? Wild Willy’s Floors, Floors, Floors Carpet- $4.00 per square foot Tile- $6.00 per square foot Wonderful Wonda’s Carpets Carpet- $6.00 per square foot Tile- $5.00 per square foot Make a pamphlet using a Microsoft Office Word. Use a table to compare the price of each room from the different companies. Explain which company you think they should use and why. They have a budget of $5,000. Will they be able to finish the whole job under budget? If yes, how much money will they have left? If there is money left over, make a suggestion for what they could use it for.

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